How to order

    1.Do I need to Register and why?

You don’t have to register if you’re just browsing our website, but if you want to avail promotion offers you will need to register yourself.

    2.How do I find the Products?

There are two ways to find the products that you want to buy:

  • Browse the all departments category by clicking on it. e.g. Household Needs. You can then filter down to a smaller category using the filters at the left of the page.
  • Search for products using the search box.

   3.How do I add and remove products in my shopping cart?

You can add products in the cart from anywhere on the website using the add to cart button. You can  also add it to your trolley by quantity.

  • Add by quantity – press add to put one in your basket, or you can add more than one quantity at a time by using the box and pressing add.

If you want to remove any product from the shopping trolley simply go to your cart and cancel the  product by clicking the cross button at the left of the page.

4.What are next steps after putting and finalizing products in my shopping cart?

      Once you have completed your shopping and have all the items you want to purchase in your trolley,add the coupon code (you can get by registering yourself) then proceed to checkout. Now you will  need to complete the three checkout steps by selecting delivery slots and providing billing details, shipping details and accepting the terms and conditions to confirm your order for the delivery.